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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Is this the new Dance Revolution?

Definitely it is interesting the way electronic games want to figure into everybody’s lifestyle, taking the new music video game “Dance Dance Revolution” as the main focus. Now, video games are not only for electronic addicts but also for dancers, or anyone interested in dance.
Probably you all have seen this device before, but now it is gaining more popularity, and just this year thousands of new songs were added to the console.
Personally, I was never fond of video games. It frustrated me being sited in front of a TV for hours, hurting my fingers by pressing bottoms randomly, without advancing into another level at the end.
However, DDR activates the whole body into dance action. By playing DDR people exercises and even acquire an interest for different types of dance (e.g. hip hop, jazz, tap, or modern). People also improve their dance skills.
As of video games, without a doubt DDR is one of the best alternatives for people, especially kids. DDR compel them to move and work out, instead of being hypnotized eternally by the TV.
This new revolution in video games can be fun and outgoing. But nothing compares to the classic method every dancer knows: going into a studio, putting the shoes on, and start dancing.

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