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Sunday, November 18, 2007

No need of buying tickets, just enter into the lobby

Everybody is talking about Performa 07, a dance biennial festival, or better said, a visual arts festival, that is taking place in New York City. At the beginnings of November, when it started, several artists have been presenting their works. From modern dance, to ballet, to ethnic dances, complemented with workshops, and conversations with famous choreographers and artists, is what this festival offers to everybody passionate with visual arts.
There are a variety of venues where the performances are taking place, but this one in particular caught my attention. The choreographer Pablo Bronstein has been showing his work on different
lobbies of buildings around the Financial District. Even if lobbies are not the most favorable stage for dancers to perform, it serves as an opportunity to promote the art, and show people the beauty of it.
Taking Bronstein’s work as an example, I think that the purpose of this festival besides giving the opportunity for artists to show their works, it is a lesson for society to learn how to appreciate these arts and start opening their minds into different forms of dance.

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