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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Changes for house of NYC Opera and Ballet

The Lincoln Center in New York City, house of the NYC Opera and Ballet, has been previously working and discussing on making arrangements for the State Theatre of the center, which both entities share.
According to
Robin Pogrebin from the New York Times, the Opera and the Ballet finally came to an agreement. There will not be new building location, which was one of the Opera’s first possibilities discussed. Indeed, arrangements to the theatre itself will be the solution. Adjustments to the acoustics system and the orchestra pit will be proceeding, always taking into account convenient interests for both entities. Any possible changes could not carry on if authorities from both departments could not come to an agreement. Solutions for the State Theatre should focus in benefits for both identities. Until the moment, both departments are positive with the adjustments discussed.
The estimated cost of the project ranges from 30 to 60 million. Overall, all the modifications depend on the approval of the city, which owns the State Theatre. The Opera and Ballet are also seeking for financial support from the city to complete the project successfully.

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