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Saturday, December 8, 2007

For open minded people only

Everyone is feeling the Christmas spirit coming, and in the dance world a magical Nutcracker completes the season. Everyone is waiting to see The Nutcracker ballet, full of magic and fantasy that makes us all remind of our childhood and enhances the Christmas spirit.
The Nutcracker Rated R, takes a different turn towards what we all expect of the sweetness from the original Nutcracker. This one instead, presents Clara, as a grown up teenager, exploring the world of drugs, sex and other vices. The ballet uses the same concept of the original story but with some arrangements; Clara gets from her uncle an album from an androgynous singer from the 80’s instead of the nutcracker, fells asleep after partying and dream about the fight between rats and soldiers.
After reading this article from the
New York Times, not everyone likes the idea of this dissident version. Indeed, the author of the article states that is not worth watching it. I, as an open minded viewer and dance lover, don’t agree because it is still a dance performance that shows talented dancers. It is a modern ballet dance performance with hours of effort and practice.
If you want to know more about the Nutcracker Rated R
click here.

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David F. Slone, Esq. said...

As one of the producers of Nutcracker: Rated R, I'd like to thank you for your comments. While the Times critic is certainly entitled to her opinion, I like to think that we're putting on a show well worth seeing. It's nice to read that you agree.

May this holiday season bring you even those things that you don't yet realize that you want.