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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Treadmills as a new stage

I saw this post by a dancer and choreographer about treadmill dances, and think it was interesting how these dancers used the machine not to exercise, but as an element that is part of the choreography.
From all the videos that Maria, the author, posted on her blog, this one in particular caught my attention for the successful use of the equipment and the way the dancers created original movements incorporating the machine. The treadmill is no longer seen as an exercise machine, but as the technological element that gives life to the whole composition, providing a visual spectacle to the choreography.
It might be seen as foolish how someone can use a treadmill for a dance piece. However, nowadays dancers and artists use technology as part of their creative sense of their work to create new form of arts.
In this case it was a treadmill, but it can also be any other simple object in which someone finds another use for it as a complement for an artistic piece.

*Don't end reading this post without checking the video, above.

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